Reliving History in Amsterdam

The Holocaust was one of the worlds biggest genocides which killed approximately 6 million Jews led by Adolf Hitler and his Nazi Party. The killings took place all over Germany and other German occupied territories. The Frank family were one of many families that tried to escape the Nazis. They hid in a secret annex above Otto Frank (Anne Franks’s father)food warehouse. The family was able to hide from the Nazis for two years and then were forced into a labor concentration camp.

The Anne Frank Museum, in Amsterdam is one of the top destinations on many websites that you must do when touring the country. Traveling to the Netherlands this past October I was able to go into one of the worlds most famous museums in Amsterdam, Holland and relive a moment history.

We waited for over a hour to get into the museum, which is not bad at all considering the line can get up to 5 hours long with no reservations since there is only a limited amount of tickets sold online. You can feel the emotion in the air as people reflected about the horrible genocide of 1933 that lasted till 1945. One moment that I will never forget is seeing the moving bookcase and being able to walk through the rooms where the Frank family hid. It was a feeling that you are unable to put into words.

Anne Frank House Huis Amsterdam Netherlands Holland Travel Blogger Carmen Varner California Lifestyle Blog.png

The 9.50 Euro I paid to get into the museum was worth the amazing experience. You learn about these things in a text book in school but nothing begins to compares to the experience of feeling like you are reliving a event in someone else’s shoes.

There are no tours, given by the museum. There is no need for one. It is very self explanatory and easy to comprehend everything going on. They have quotes on the walls perfectly spaced out with large lettering throughout the Frank’s house that explains what everything. It was also very interesting to see the videos of family and friends of the Frank’s that assisted them in hiding.

It is hard for the majority of people to stay focused and become distracted in a museum. I am a victim of this completely, although I do love museums and history.   I had a different experience here, I was in the museum for a good two hours (the museum is not that big), and I can say I read every single word and description on the walls and displays while staying interested.

anne frank.pgeg

In my opinion for anyone traveling to Amsterdam in the future it is crucial to visit the museum! You get a new perspective on one of the most devastating events in history. The museum was probably my favorite part of fall break!
You cannot take pictures in the museum and I would consider it to be disrespectful. But here are some pictures I took of Google, to try to put my experience into words.




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