Mother Daughter Day in NYC!

I never pictured myself as a city person until I spent a year living in Florence, now I can’t get enough of it. I think it has something to do with the excitement, and energy that comes with being in New York City, as well as the smell of the hotdogs and pretzels you find on every corner.

One thing that really fascinates me about the city is that you can visit the same area many times, and still learn something new. There is something for everyone, you just have to look for it. Recently my mom and I decided to spend an afternoon exploring Brooklyn, an area I had not yet explored.

Here are my top recommendations when visiting Brooklyn!

Transportation – If you are coming from Long Island, I recommend taking the Long Island Railroad and getting off at the Atlantic Ave -Brooklyn Stop, and take the number 2 subway to Borough Hall and then walking half a mile till you get the Brooklyn Bridge area. This will save you a little bit of money, as well as time compared to if you went into  Penn Station.

Dumbo– Dumbo stands for Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass, and is a great area to shop, eat and walk around.This vibrant area has many cute shops and surrounds a fantastic waterfront, the perfect place for a walk on a nice sunny day.


Luke’s Lobster Roll– I am not a huge lobster fan, but this mouthwatering sandwich may have gotten me hooked. Such a cute shack like restaurant, with fantastic food. A little pricey, but big enough for two. Enjoy it with a view or as great grab and go snack!

Julianna’s– One of the most popular pizza places in Brooklyn is Grimaldi’s, but a few locals told us instead of waiting on the long line to try Julianna’s, another pizza restaurant, next door at its original location. We arrived at this cute restaurant at 3:30 pm, the perfect time it seems, when there is a staff change and the wait that day was less than 30 min to try some of Brooklyn’s famous pizza.


The Brooklyn Bridge- This was one of the highlights of our day trip. If you are planning on walking the bridge, start in Brooklyn and then walk towards Manhattan so you have the view in front of you, instead of behind. The mile walk provided us with some great scenic views of Manhattan.


  After Exploring Brooklyn, we decided to continue our adventure and explored:

  • Battery Park – The two mile walk along the waterfront from the bottom of the Brooklyn bridge into downtown Manhattan was awesome. Every time I go into the city I always tend to stay more in Midtown, so it was nice to explore alternative areas that I have not yet seen. Recently, Battery Park has been known for the four foot statue of the Fearless Girl standing facing the bronze statue of the raging Wall Street Charging Bull, inspires all of us to realize the power we have in ourselves, the power women and girls have everywhere.


  • South Street Seaport– From Battery Park, we walked towards South Street Seaport. The Seaport has changed a lot since I last been there, which was approximately 7 years ago. A majority of restaurants, shops, and bars along the strip were closed due to upcoming summer renovations, but I am looking forward to coming back in a few months to check it out.  Also, there is an amazing Cuban place located a few blocks away from the strip that sells croquettas. Yes, if you know me this is a #gamechanger.6

The day was full of fun, laughter, and oh yes food! Good thing is we walked over 10 miles, so we didn’t punish ourselves to much for the calories we ate. Looking forward to more mother daughter trips to come!


One thought on “Mother Daughter Day in NYC!

  1. Looks like so much fun!!! Great picture of the 2 of you. …i miss ny. The fun and glamour. Not a boring moment
    Love you guys
    Tia Patty


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